The numbers tool

A lot can be learned about what a program does by looking at the numeric literals contained in its source code. The numbers program extracts these literals, compares them against a database of 'interesting' values and prints out any matches; it can also print out values that don't match.

The two most important aspects of this process are:

Hopefullly users will add their own set of interesting values to the database.

I have various ideas for reducing matches that occur for 'uninteresting' reasons.


The software is known to build under Linux (or at least Suse 10.3) and Mac OS X (i.e., success with 10.5.7 with gcc i686-apple-darwin9-gcc-4.0.1 has been reported). All sources are available for download under a GPL license.

Current version (29 Mar 13): numbers-0.5.tgz



Numbers wiki

The software will make use the multiple-precision GMP library if it is available, to support larger number with more precision than the host floating-point hardware. Otherwise the host compiler long double type is used.

Support tools

The tools used to calculate the values of some constants were bc, calc (a C-style arbitrary precision calculator) and dc

Analysis of numbers output

Results from analysing the output of numbers when run over various code bases.

Variations in the literal representation of Pi.

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